Professional Dog Grooming – it's what we do

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We are Scotland's Top Training School
– by experience
– by reputation
– by grooming and teaching qualifications

Whether you are looking for the best dog groomer around, or wish to learn about dog grooming as a hobby or a career, you can rely upon Scotgroom to provide exactly what you need.

At Scotgroom we love dogs – all dogs, pedigree or pooch – and it shows. Our experience in pet grooming is unparalleled and we like to share what we've learned with our clients and students.

Take some time to browse through our website, it's bound to answer lots of your dog grooming questions, but if there's more you'd like to know about our dog grooming services or dog grooming tuition don't hesitate to call or email us – we'd love to hear from you. If you happen to be close to our Scottish Dog Grooming Centre, why not give us a call and arrange a visit? See our location map for directions.

Why Choose Scotgroom?

International award-winning experience and training at the highest level.

Professionals in animal welfare.

Happy and safe environment for dogs, clients and students.

Pet Care Trust member

Members of the Pet Industry Federation and British Dog Groomers' Association

Hours of Business:

Monday to Thursday:
9.30am � 3.30pm

We're always busy at Scotgroom, so please leave a message on our answering machine and we'll call you back as soon as we can. Thanks!

Tel: 01555 770333